Monday, March 24, 2014

Heaven and Hell

People usually work too hard to go to Heaven, that is, to avoid Hell, without love of God. But can there be Heaven without God? For Heaven means being in God for ever. We usually picture Heaven like a paradise of unspeakable beauty, filled with saved saints and angels. But where is God in all of that? 

Some people fear that Heaven might get boring after a while. But that is not true. Hell is dull. Heaven will never get boring. For in Heaven, we will never run out of love. Have you ever been bored while loving someone? You haven't. There is a reason why the first commandment is for us to love God with all our might. Because that is what Heaven is. 

Some people also think that they can be lazy in Heaven all they want. But that is not true. Heaven is constant work, but work that you enjoy. At least once in your life you wrote, drew, made or sang something, and you didn't even notice what time it is. Again, how can you get bored when you're inspired? Not likely. 

Some people, again, think that it is unfair of God that He sends sinners to eternal torment. They think that God punishes them. But that is not true. Hell is not a punishment, it is a consequence. How can a prideful person enter Heaven? Heaven would be a Hell for that man, he wouldn't stand everyone being equal, in perfect accordance, no one bragging about his place. How can a fornicator enjoy Heaven when he cannot practice his passion? It is love of God that prevents sinners from entering Heaven. Think about it.


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