Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Lord Speaks to a Man

Have you ever thought, my child, that everything that touches your side, touches Mine as well, because everything that touches your side touches the pupil of My eye. You are dear in My eyes, priceless, and I find it a special pleasure to raise you. 

When passions come and enemies attack like a rapid river, know that it comes from Me, because your weakness feels the need for for My might and that you are safe only when I fight for you. If you find that your circumstances are difficult, among people who don't understand you and who do not care about what is pleasing unto you, who simply reject you - know that it comes from Me as well. I am the God Who reigns over the circumstance. You are not there where you are by a random chance, you are there where I placed you by My own hand. 

You asked Me to give you meekness. Behold. I placed you in the place and in school where that lesson is learned. That place and people within it only fulfill My will. If you are short of money, and you have a hard time getting what you need - that comes from Me as well, since I rule the material goods. I want you to turn to Me, and to depend on Me. My treasuries are not in want. I want you to believe in the truth of My words and sincerity of My promises, so I will not have to tell you in your troubles: "Forgive Me, but you did not believe your Lord and God". 

If you are going through a night of pain, if you are separated from your loved ones - that comes from Me as well. I am the Comforter, the Healer of Illnesses, and I allowed that so you would turn to Me and receive an eternal consolation. 

If you got disappointed in your friend, to whom you opened your heart - that also comes from Me as well. I allowed your disappointment so you would know that Lord God is your best friend. We all must give our heart to someone, but if we give that heart to someone on Earth, everyone can cause us pain. 

I want you to bring me everything as a sacrifice and to confide unto Me. Someone spoke ill of you. Leave that to Me, and hide in my sanctuary. To free you from an evil tongue, I will bring the truth to the light of day, proving you innocence. 

If your plans have crumbled, and if you despaired - that comes from Me as well. You were making plans, bringing them forth so I would bless them, but I want you to allow Me to rule the moments of your life. That way, all of responsibility will fall on Me, for it is too difficult for you to bear, and you cannot endure it all by yourself.

If you find yourself unexpectedly amidst the trials of life and if sorrow filled your heart - know that it comes form Me. I want that your soul and your heart always be fiery before My eyes and that with My Name you trample down every despondency.

If you receive no news from the ones you cherish for a long time, and according to your dejection to fall into despair and complain - that comes from Me. Through the suffering of your soul I test the strength of your faith in My promises and the power and strength of your prayer for your loved ones. Because you did not put them under the protective veil of My Mother, the Theotokos, nor have you given the care for them to My fatherly love.

If you suffer from a difficult illness, curable or incurable, and you're bound to a bed, know that it comes from Me. I want you to get to know Me better in your infirmity. I desire that you do not complain why this temptation has been sent to you, nor to judge My incomprehensible plans for the salvation of human souls, but to give yourself over to Me and enter under My refuge with trust.

You designed to to a special deed for My sake, but instead, you fell into sickbed and grew weak, know - that comes from Me. Had you been healthy, you would be too busy with your obligations and your thoughts would have been far from Me. Remember that some of My best coworkers were far from the works of the world, so they would learn in peace how to pray without ceasing.

If you're unexpectedly invited to take up a difficult and responsible office, go, accept it and lean onto Me. I grant you that task, for it was blessed by your Lord God in all your works, in all the works of your hands.

Today I give you this vessel of sacred oil, the advice of the Holy Lifegiving Trinity. Use of it freely, My child. Whatever difficulty may arise, whatever offensive word that is aimed at you, every obsticle in your work that can make you sorrowful and dejected - anoint yourself with this oil. Remember that every difficulty is a lesson from God, an opportunity to learn something. Every edge and every blade shall go dull as not to cause you harm. Therefore plant in your hart these words I have revealed unto you: that comes from Me. For behold, for you, this is not only a word, remember - this is your life.

I Am the Lord Who Reigns over the Circumstance

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