Tuesday, June 9, 2015

General Iconography 3

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General Iconography galleries: 
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Ss. Sabbas of Serbia and Vladimir of Russia

Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Peter and Paul

Relic of the True Cross

Icon Within an Icon

Most Holy Theotokos and St. John the Theologian

St. Sabbas the Sanctified and St. George the Victorybearer

St. George and St. Nino With Saints

Triptych of the Great Lent:
Sunday of Orthodoxy
St. John of the Ladder
St. Gregory Palamas
St. Mary of Egypt
Veneration of the Cross
Lazarus Saturday

Icon of Iconostasis Icons

Riza of the Theotokos of Tikvin


  1. Bojan, your icons are really good. How long have you been painting? What is your project? Olga

    1. Hello Olga! These aren't my icons, they are just different icons I've found over the internet. I simply post them for others to enjoy. I do some Bible illustrations, but is as far as I go. :-)