Monday, October 5, 2015

Most Holy Theotokos 11

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Most Holy Theotokos "Helper at Childbirth"

Most Holy Theotokos "of the Sign"

Most Holy Theotokos "the Unburnt Bush"

Most Holy Theotokos "the Pillar of Flame"

Virgin Mary (Panayia Arakiotissa),
based on fresco 1192 AD Panayia tou Arakou Church, Lagoudera, Cyprus


  1. The icon of the Inexhaustible Cup was written by the hand of Deacon Matthew Garrett. You have used his image unauthorized and are requesting money on this blog. Please remove this image and any others of his that you may be using. You must respect the copyright laws, please.

    1. Okay. Thanks for letting me know. I'll make the page offline as soon as I get to the computer.