Monday, January 9, 2017

Icons of Our Lord Jesus Christ 17

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Our Lord

Jesus Christ the Great High Priest

The Holy Mandylion

Christ, the Ancient of Days,
by Protodeacon Paul Drozdowski

The Lord and the Apostles

The Holy Mandylion

The Blessing Hand of Christ

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  1. Peace.....Please advise if I have permission to use one of your icon photos which I saw on Pinterest. I was not aware of needing permission due to copyright and downloaded the photo yesterday but have not used it yet on my new blog. The icon is 'Jesus Procantor" - holding scrolls or a book. (?) My blog is titled "Anna the Prophetess" and is for women who are living a prayerful life as an informal or formal Anchorite. There is no profit in the blog or the photo. Please advise so I may continue or delete the photo altogether. Thankyou (