Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Queen of Silence

 "Queen of Silence," one of the most beautiful poems by St. Nikolai of Žiča. I've did my best to translate it to English, while taking some minor liberties to fit the rhyme.

Silently in the world you lived without strife,
Soundlessly in world you spent your life,
Breathing prayers both day and night,
Seeing eternity in sleep, in dark and light,
More silent than the dew that falls on morn,
On steps lighter than sun’s rays you were borne,
More calm than heaven’s blue defiance,
O wealthy Queen, Queen of Silence!
Calm my soul with God-given calm,
Show me heaven with your reigning Son,
There are no tempests that you fear,
Above tempests you stand as a heavenly sphere,
Firmament of stars is covered by an earthly storm,
Mysterious silence shatters the darkening swarm.
Your silence shows magnificence of skies,
Silence, o Virgin, sees thee and magnifies!
You silently grew as mountain grass,
Silent, noiseless, as heavenly glass,
Silent, noiseless as depth of seas,
Queen of silence, ageless, without years!
Who else can give birth to God’s own Son
But royal silence, compared to none?
Who can ever lead me unto tranquil place,
But you, o Queen, fount of grace?
Fearing no tempest, yet descending far to mud of sin,
With thine velvet hand you save those who sink therein,
Fearing no sin, yet abundant in compassions,
Silent as eternity, you bind vile passions,
Swiftly incline unto my aid, Queen of Silence,
Calm the tempestuous heart, filled with violence!

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